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Zo ads Tracking Dog title to his name and also earns a Versatile Companion Dog 1.

Zo is pictured here with Sally Nesbitt, Susan Barrow, Rosemary Emberger, Pia Paulson.

Thank you Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego for hosting this Tracking Test.  Judges Sally Nesbitt and Pia Paulsen are always positive and emphasize having fun with your dog!  Track Layer Rosemary Emberger.  Trial Chair Sharon Tracy.  It takes

many people to host a tracking test - this group is amazing resulting in this great event.  December 10, 2014.

Zo retires from agility at AKC 2015 National Agility Championships.  He had great runs and a it was a wonderful opportunity.

Zo completes his PACH and PAX titles on September 1, 2014!  So proud of this great dog.

Photo by Dave Hill

We are so proud of the "Great and Powerful Zo".  He is a very serious dog with an old soul.  He is the most loyal of all dogs.   Since finishing his Master Agility Championship he has moved to preferred agility where he is jumping a lower height of 20" and he is very happy and having a great time.

Zo is the 2014 and 2013  NUMBER 1 AKC Preferred Agility Vizsla, AKC TopDogs.

Zo has qualified for AKC Agility Nationals four years in a row = including ready to go to AKC Agility Nationals in Reno 2015.

Zo will retire from agility after the National Championships in Reno in March.  He has recently completed the first tracking title a TD so will pursue other levels of tracking. 

Basically Zo will do what makes Zo happy.